TWICE’s Sana Finally Got Noticed By Her “Idol” Betty Boop And… Do We Smell A CF On The Horizon?

This would be the perfect endorsement for Sana!

For as long as ONCEs can remember, TWICE’s Sana has been a fan of the character Betty Boop. Now, it seems Boop is a fan of Sana too—and Sana’s reaction couldn’t be cuter!

Cartoon character Betty Boop has been around since the 1930s, but over the past few decades, her cute yet sexy look has made her even more popular. These days, the character’s big baby face, curled hair, and tiny hourglass figure can be found on endless merchandise, from t-shirts and phone cases. And Sana seems to own it all!

She’s been seen with a Betty Boop hoodie, a Betty Boop phone case, a Betty Boop bag, and more. She even brought up how much she likes the character in a video earlier this year.

I’m wearing Betty Boop now. As I like Betty Boop, this hoodie… I saw it has Betty Boop on it, so I got it. When I saw Betty Boop, I didn’t think twice.

⁠— Sana

So naturally, ONCEs have long been trying to capture the attention of the Betty Boop brand, hoping Sana can get some recognition for her unwavering loyalty to the brand.

Twitter user @tigerozaki finally got lucky with their attempt on June 5 when they implored Betty Boop to sign Sana as their new ambassador.

And it looks like Betty Boop is just as big of a fan! The brand’s team sent Sana the sweetest message in response, full of references to some of TWICE’s biggest hits—including “Signal”, “Fancy”, and recent comeback “More & More”.

And the love didn’t stop there, with Betty Boop tweeting even more about Sana throughout the day.

The interaction was already cute enough, but ONCEs were shocked when Sana herself chimed in today! Tweeting from the official TWICE account, Sana shared how shocked and happy she was to be noticed by her favorite character.


[Can’t believe that] my love has reached Betty Boop 🤭🥺💜

And she even knows our song 🤭🥺💜

I love you with all my heart…💗

[eng trans]

So, what’s next for this pair of cutie-sexies? Well, Betty Boop did mention something else in the tweet that piqued ONCEs’ interest: “Sana would be an absolutely, wonderful Betty ambassador!”.

Betty Boop said they hope Sana “gets the ‘Signal’”… could a Betty Boop CF or modelling contract be on the horizon? We’d love to see it!