This Is How TWICE’s Sana Flirts And People Are Going Crazy For Her

No Sana, No Life.

TWICE‘s Sana is known for her gorgeous visuals. With flawless skin, long flowy hair, and perfect proportions, the idol is snatching hearts left and right!

Recently, a GIF that shows of Sana’s flirting technique is making ONCEs go crazy. The idol tucks her hair behind her ear, looking at them with a sweet smile. She then leans towards them, beckoning them closer with a finger and grin. Fans are saying the GIF is perfect from the first frame to the last!

Both male and female fans have since fallen for her, with some fans even offering a hand in marriage! With how gorgeous and talented Sana is, it’s no surprise that “No Sana, No Life” is still going strong amongst fans.

Source: TheQoo