TWICE’s Sana Is So Gorgeous, She Can Pull Off Any Hair Color

She can pull off any color!

We’re all aware that TWICE‘s Sana is gorgeous, and the fact that she can pull off any hair color proves that she’s a visual goddess. Netizens have chosen which hair color they chose as their favorites, here they are.

Of course, a crowd favorite is Sana’s boyfriend. It also happens to be the hair color she has rocked the most, sporting blonde hair in numerous comeback. Many think it highlights her femininity, making her look both innocent and sexy.


Another crowd-pleaser is Sana’s pink hair. Fans and netizens alike agree that it makes her look like a princess, with some commenting that she looks positively mythically with the look.


Fans and netizens have also commended her brown hair. The look is subtle and dainty, making her look like a living French doll. Though she didn’t rock the brown hair for that long, people agree that it is undoubtedly an unforgettable ‘do on the idol.

Lastly, people have also voiced their admiration for Sana’s black hair. While she didn’t sport black hair for that long, netizens have vocalized how much they love her natural hair color on her, with some hoping that she dyes her hair black again soon.

Which look is your favorite?