TWICE’s Sana And Jeongyeon Try To Dance TXT’s “Crown”

They wanted to dance too.

TWICE attended the MGMA‘s and won awards for The Female Group and The Best Selling Artist Daesang categories.

And, they were spotted enjoying the performances of other artists just like everyone else.

And, it was during TXT‘s performance of “Crown” that a couple of the members had some fun. Part of the choreography requires the group to lock hands and move in a wave motion.

So, Sana and Jeongyeon thought they would give it a try with just the two of them. They couldn’t figure out how to do it properly, but they had fun trying anyway.

Since they’ve been worrying about Mina‘s health, it’s positive to see them smiling. And, TXT would be happy their seniors were enjoying their performance.

Watch their cute attempt here and check out the performance as well.