TWICE Sana Just Can’t Stop Grabbing Jungyeon’s Butt

TWICE‘s Sana was spotted repeatedly slapping and touching Jungyeon‘s butt at a recent fan-signing event.

On March 11, TWICE had a fan-signing event for their fans in Pangyo, Seoul, and Sana showed her love for Jungyeon in an unusual yet adorable way.

Sana has always showed her affection towards the other members, whether it be through kisses or hugs, and grabbing the butt seems to have made its way on the list as well.

At the end of their event, the members of TWICE helped their staff put the tables and desk away, then stood at the front of the stage for photo time. During this time, the members had fun and conversed with each other in front of the fans, showing how close and comfortable they were with each other by goofing around.

One fan recorded them for 30 minutes after the fan-signing portion ended, and around the 9:04 mark of the video, Sana can be seen slapping Jungyeon’s butt so hard that the sound echoed throughout the room, yet Jungyeon didn’t seem to flinch.

Sana then laughed with a fan in the audience and continued to slap it or playfully grab it without ever getting a reaction from Jungyeon.

Watch Sana’s love for Jungyeon’s butt here! (Starting from 9:04)