TWICE’S Sana Makes Even The Most Unexpected Fashion Accessory Look Good

If this accessory made me look half as good as Sana, I would them all!

Pictures from TWICE‘s September 28 Feel Special Showcase fansign event have been hitting the web, and while all the girls look fabulous (as always) it was Sana and her unusual fashion choice that caught the eyes of fans. In a picture taken by groupmate Momo, Sana is shown wearing half-glasses.

Although this is the only high-definition shot that was released, the fan who posted it shared that Momo actually took 173 pictures of Sana! That means there are at least 172 other photos of Sana in her epic monocle accessory that fans have yet to see.

While Sana looked fabulous in her unique glasses and ONCEs were as head-over-heels in love with the picture as they are with her, some were admittedly confused, thinking it was an optical illusion or loading error.

This is almost an optical illusion because of the monocle like glasses…or I’m just getting lost in her eyes…hard to tell

—Reddit user JohnLovesHyo

It’s not just Momo and the rest of us who are obsessed with Sana and her magical glasses. Another fan posted previews of photos Jihyo took of Sana using their camera at the event!

Although the pictures were low-res, fans still found themselves awed by her beauty, with some joking whether it was even legal for her to look so good.

Is that posing even legal😌💕

—Twitter user nadzrulwahab

While it’s Sana’s natural beauty that makes the accessory look cool, not the other way around, it’s a pretty amazing look to pull off and we applaud her for her bold fashion choices!