This Is How TWICE’s Sana and Momo Tried To Secretly Eat Pork As Trainees

And they would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling managers!

Sana and Momo are some of the brightest idols in the industry and ONCEs know that they certainly have a lot of charms that attract the attention of their fellow members.

However, we all know how difficult the trainee period is, even for the most talented individuals.

Certainly, the girls who would become TWICE faced an enormous amount of pressure for their looks, skills and charms, as depicted in the reality survival show Sixteen.

In particular, the diets of the girls were strictly monitored, which meant that while they were working hard on refining their talents, they were also missing out on a lot of delicious food.

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Given that Sana and Momo were born in Japan, this unfortunately meant that they were missing out on the cultural experiences of Korean cuisine.

While they were trainees, the two began having food cravings for jokbal, a traditional Korean dish of pig trotters braised in soy sauce and spices.

This dish is so delicious that Momo even named this as her favourite food.

However, there was a CCTV camera in front of their dorm, which would have caught them out if they were trying to eat something forbidden.

But luckily, the two trainees came up with an ingenious plan that would satisfy their food cravings.

They secretly ordered the jokbal and they passed the money through the windows of their building, tied in shoelaces.

They then collected the pork and hid it while they were returning to their dorms.

Once they were safe from the CCTV’s gaze, they quickly ate the jokbal before anyone would catch them.

And they would have been able to get away with it, but sadly they didn’t notice that they left one piece of lettuce leaf on the floor.

Their manager discovered this in the dorms and immediately realised that Sana and Momo had secretly ordered food.

In order to offset the trouble they were in, the girls pretended that they didn’t understand Korean and said they were unaware of being forbidden from ordering jokbal.

But sadly, this was the last time they tried to order pork as trainees.

Thankfully, both Momo and Sana were able to debut in TWICE and have experienced enormous success as the “nation’s girl group”.

Additionally, the girls have had their food restrictions relaxed and are now more free to eat whatever they want.

Plus ONCEs know that it doesn’t matter what Sana or Momo eat because all that matters is their happiness and wellbeing.