TWICE’s Sana Was So Nervous For A Stage Without Fans That It’s Melting Hearts

Who wouldn’t be moved by that?

TWICE shared a behind the scenes video for their first round of comeback promotions for “Fancy”, and Sana shared some of her thoughts during the process.


She was having a hard time during practice, but she thought she would gain strength while performing on stage and seeing ONCEs in the audience.

But, they were filming a pre-recording, which meant there wouldn’t be a live audience of fans. When Sana realized this, she said, “What should I do?” and gave the cutest nervous smile.

She stated that she was scared to perform without ONCEs and asked if she would be able to do it.

The fact that she’d gotten so nervous without her fans was not only adorable but showed just how much she appreciated them, and it’s heartwarming.

In the end, she was able to gain the strength of ONCEs in spirit to successfully perform. Watch her cute nervousness here and hold onto your heart.