TWICE Sana Reveals Personal Secrets In New Livestream Interview

These are some facts Sana fans might not know about.

Momo, Sana, Dahyun, and Tzuyu have been participating in the series “Star Road”, where they take part in games and answer questions for ONCE.

Sana was the subject of a solo interview where she sat down to answer a few questions. There, she opened up about everything from A to Z.

Our favourite question? When Sana was asked about her number one treasure.

Sana talked about what she thought was her “fan-inducing charm”.

Her big goal for the year? To go on another trip with TWICE.

TWICE has gone to countries such as Switzerland and Singapore – could we be seeing another TWICETV series soon?

Sana was all of us when she talked about her number one dislike as a kid.

She also revealed her likes and dislikes, ranging from her favourite fashion item to her favourite fruit.

If you are only allowed to eat one food a week, what’s your choice? “Only one? I won’t do it!”

As expected, ONCEs are gushing over her honest and cute answers to the questions.

You can watch the full interview below.

Source: vlive