TWICE’s Sana Took The MBTI Test & ONCEs Guessed Her Personality Type Correctly Before She Even Knew It

“I’m just so fascinated by this. I’m so amazed how ONCE guessed my test results.” – Sana

For the latest run of TWICE TV, all the TWICE members have been taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. After answering a series of questions, the test can pinpoint your personality perfectly. This week, Sana got her turn at taking the test.

Sana’s MBTI result was ENFP—also known as the “Campaigner” personality type.

The MBTI test is known for its incredible accuracy, but the coolest part of Sana’s result was that ONCEs already correctly guessed her type before she even took the test.

I think it’s so cool how ONCEs thought I’d be this personality… I’m just so fascinated by this. I’m so amazed how ONCE guessed my test results.

— Sana

Once you take a look at the typical “Campaigner” traits, it’s easy to see how Sana is such a perfect fit. ENFPs are free spirits who always live for the moment, and Sana agreed that trait fits her pretty well.

I think this is correct. The “pleasure of the moment” part.

— Sana

While ENFPs are good at giving themselves time to relax, they’re also incredibly hard workers. That’s something Sana has proved time and time again with every performance.

Sometimes, ENFPs’ unwavering energy and enthusiasm can even surprise their close friends.

That’s why I feel bad for the other members sometimes. They would be resting… But I’d be all hyper all the time, so I always move somewhere else.

— Sana

On top of that, ENFPs tend to be super popular and friendly—which makes sense in Sana’s case, given her huge worldwide fanbase.

Other “Campaigner” traits that Sana agreed she has included “leaving after you’ve had your fun”, “doesn’t get angry”, and “can’t reject offers”.

I didn’t know at first, but Tzuyu said this: “When you ask SANA to do something, she always replies with ‘Yes'”. I thought about it after Tzuyu said that.

— Sana

And one of the main characteristics of ENFPs is that their emotions are always written on their face. No wonder ONCEs know Sana so well!

Watch the full video (with subs!) for yourself here: