TWICE’s Tzuyu Is An Archery Goddess At ISAC 2019 Chuseok

The true archery goddess.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu has always been an archery princess ever since her iconic archery GIF went viral. Ever since then, Tzuyu has participated in the archery segment of ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Competition) every year.

Tzuyu verified her archery goddess status in this years ISAC as well. Sporting a black and red outfit and her gorgeous blonde hair, Tzuyu blew everyone with her princess-like visuals.

Many are saying that she looks like a video game character, with some comparing her to an elf of a fairy. Her visuals as so out of this world, fans and netizens alike are wondering how a face and body like that can exist.

Fans are also saying that she looks like an actress in an action movie with her get-up, with is making people wonder if she’d even pursue an acting career in South Korea or her home, Taiwan.

Your face is just a perfect 10/10, Tzuyu.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Naver