TWICE’s Tzuyu Looked Like A Goddess At The Louis Vuitton Event

She looked gorgeous.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu was seen in the Maison Seoul Store Opening Event for Louis Vuitton last October 30, 2019. There, the idol left everyone breathless with her doll-like visuals.

The idol was seen in a head-to-toe Louis Vuitton outfit, sporting a black skirt, black turtle neck, and a black-and-blue denim jacket. She topped the outfit off with a Louis Vuitton necklace, chunky belt, and purse.

Many are saying that Tzuyu’s visuals remind them of the feeling of one’s true love. With just one glance, TWICE’s maknae can snatch anyone’s hearts! Many agree that the idol truly lives up to her visual title.

Netizens are saying that no touch-ups are needed to enhance Tzuyu’s beauty since she is already gorgeous regardless. As most of the photos released of Tzuyu in the event are from reporters, they are barely (and mostly never) edited, which shows that she is truly a natural beauty.

With her model-like visuals, people can’t wait to see Tzuyu attend more high-profile fashion events so she could show off her top-tier beauty and her impeccable fashion sense.

Source: Osen