TWICE’s Tzuyu Shocked Fans When She Revealed New Hair Color

Were you surprised?

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a refreshing beauty who was ranked second in TC Candler’The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018. In a recent poll of New Yorkers, she was also voted as favorite Taiwan Beauty and fans couldn’t stop gushing over how much they loved her brownish-blonde hair.

Although Tzuyu is gorgeous no matter what color her hair is, ONCEs have shown a strong preference for her with lighter hair, often likening her to a fairy.

And, although the natural beauty debuted a darker look in the music video for “Feel Special”, fans still couldn’t get over how pretty she was.

Despite Tzuyu’s hair slowly making a transition to its natural darker color, fans weren’t prepared to see her during a livestream of SBS‘s Power Time radio.

Yup, everyone’s favorite fairy went back to her natural hair color and ONCEs are freaking out!

What do you think of Tzuyu’s new hair color? Although she’s beautiful either way, do you prefer her with light or dark hair?