TWICE’s Tzuyu Shows Off Her Angelic Visuals At The Airport

IRL goddess.

On September 7, TWICE was seen in Gimpo International Airport heading to Tokyo, Japan, for their Japanese schedules. There, Tzuyu took everyone’s breath away with her angelic visuals.

From her debut to their “FANCY” era, Tzuyu has stuck with dark hair. Now, with her blonde hair, fans are saying she’s as beautiful as a Barbie doll.

Netizens are calling her a smiling angel, noting how her clear skin and small face makes her look absolutely heavenly. People are also noting how not many people look good when photographed with flash on, but she still manages to look perfect.

With her flawless features, TWICE’s Tzuyu never fails to leave people in awe with her beauty!

Tzuyu, you are becoming a goddess.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Naver