TWICE’s Tzuyu Thinks The Korean Heart Is Part Of Traditional Culture

“It’s part of our culture.”

During a recent live broadcast, TWICE‘s Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Momo were seen interacting with fans. They were shooting them hearts, when suddenly their lovely maknae started reminding fans of the Korean finger heart.

It started off when Momo showed off a cheek heart, saying that it was her favorite heart. When Tzuyu asked who started the trend of doing that, Momo replied that she doesn’t know and it’s just a heart that she likes.

It’s just a heart I like. It doesn’t matter who started it, just think of it as a heart I like.

Tzuyu then started doing the finger hearts. She goes on to say that it is part of Korean traditional culture and that it should never be forgotten.

Traditional culture… It’s part of our culture. We shouldn’t forget about this.

Korean ONCEs found her comment absolutely adorable, with people saying that if Tzuyu say it’s Korean culture then it’s part of Korean culture.

Check out the cute interaction here:

Source: TheQoo