Twitter Fans Jokingly Call Out Park Bo Gum’s Past Tweet As He Joins Instagram


Recently, actor Park Bo Gum opened his official Instagram account and shared a few photos online.

He even posted a photo on his Instagram stories and gained much attention from global fans.

While fans worldwide welcomed him to the platform, some hoped this didn’t mean he wouldn’t use Twitter anymore. An ongoing joke started spreading online due to his previous comment about only using Twitter for social media.

Turns out this used to be his main tweet on Twitter for some time, but after opening his Instagram, he took it down. Fans jokingly called him out for it, but were happy to see him on the new platform as well.

“How can your heart change?”

Traitor liar.

It’s so funny that this was his main tweet.

But all jokes aside, they were excited for him joining the platform and hoped he would actively update for the fans!

| theqoo
  • “Park Bo Gum doing Instagram this is something new!”
  • “Wow he made an Insta!”
  • “So handsome.”
  • “I can’t believe he’s finally on Instagram.”
  • “This is crazy!! Please post 10 photos at a time!”
Source: theqoo
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