Twitter Stans Celebrate Their Idols Beauty In New “Who In K-Pop” Trend

There are always new ways of celebrating your idol being discovered!

“‘Who in K-Pop’ but it’s actually-” has been a popular beginning of many Twitter stans tweets lately. What perhaps started out as a game of sorts, turned into simple appreciation posts for a certain idol. The posts are commonly made up of a picture of an idol with their head cropped out (or a zoomed-in body part/accessory) and the full version next to it. For example:

The posts, while being threads of the same idol, are meant to surprise viewers so they will say “that’s really [idol’s name]?” instead of thinking it’s a model or something else.

Almost every fandom has been joining in the fun.

Of course, this trend has evolved past beauty and has gone on to include idol’s pets, full groups, and certain pairings.

What a fun trend to end the year! We can’t wait to see what will be trending in 2021.