These Two 3rd Generation Female Idols Are Known For Always Being Outstanding On Stage

No impact? They can’t relate.

With how many female idols are debuting nowadays, these are the two that never fail to show off just how pretty, sexy, and outstanding they are on stage.

One is BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. Jennie is known for her charism on stage and how she exudes girl crush vibes every time she performs. With her fox-like eyes and a body to die for, Jennie has people falling for her all the time.



The other is TWICE‘s Sana. Known for her bubble personality, Sana isn’t afraid to show her sexy side whenever she’s on stage. Especially with their latest comeback “FANCY”, fans are loving how much the idol shines whenever she performs.




Many agree that both girls shine on stage and have the ability of being both cute and sexy. Additionally, both are known among netizens as “fancam goddesses”.

Source: TheQoo