These Two Actors Have People Shook Over Their Real Ages

Netizens weren’t expecting their ages.

Recently, netizens have discovered the ages of these two actors and fans can’t believe how young they are.

One of them is Lee Jae Wook, who was born in 1998. He recently starred in Memories of the Alhambra as Marco Han. Despite how he plays the role of a 22-year-old (which is only a year older than his actual age), fans were under the belief that the actor was much, much older.


The other is Kwak Dong Yeon, who was born in 1997. He has acted in numerous dramas, including the popular My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. Fans are surprised that the actor is only 22 years old, with many believing he was in his mid-20s. 

Many are saying that these two actors have a mature charm and despite looking older than their age, many agree that they are still very attractive young men.

Source: The Qoo