These Two Boy Groups Have The Most Legendary Cover Stages

We still think about them to this day.

It’s always nostalgic to see a junior group cover a senior group’s hit song. When thinking of a cover stage, BTS and BTOB often come to mind. They covered songs from the legends themselves, SHINHWA. In fact, their cover stages have arguably become some of the most legendary in K-Pop history.

Check them out below!

1. BTS

BTS covered SHINHWA’s hit song “Perfect Man” for the MBC Music Festival in 2015.


BTOB covered SHINHWA’s hit song “Brand New” for their M Countdown Special Stage.

And as an added bonus, here is SHINee‘s cover of SHINHWA’s song “Wild Eyes”, which they performed in KBS‘s Music Bank. Although it is over 8 years old, it is just as iconic as the others.

3. SHINee

Source: theqoo