These Two Female Idols Are Loved For Their “Fruity” Faces

Fans love their refreshing visuals!

Fans insist that these two idols have faces that are sweet and refreshing to look at, going so far as to dub them “fruity”. Apparently, just by looking at them, you get the same feeling as having cold fruit on a nice summer day… and it’s hard to argue with that.

These two idols are Red Velvet‘s Joy

… and TWICE‘s Nayeon!

Many are saying that the two both have sweet smiles that could light up anybody’s day! Also, fans of both groups are saying that they absolutely shine on stage yet still look humble and down-to-earth, which people love.

As both girls are members of top girl groups in Korea, fans hope that they have long careers and continue showing off their sweet, refreshing visuals!

Source: Instiz