These two idol best friends look like polar opposites

These two Oh My Girl members are best friends; however, their personalities are so different that they’re proof that opposites really do attract.

Despite their opposite personalities, Oh My Girl’s Binnie and Jiho have an incredibly precious friendship. Binnie has a sweet and innocent character, while Jiho is fierce and mature. This difference is extremely clear while the group is performing, as their stage presence has a completely different feel despite being in the same group.

Binnie is bright and silly, but Jiho is charming and sexy.

The total opposite of her best friend, Binnie’s personality is light-hearted and jolly.
Jiho has a sexy and intense persona. She really manages to captures everyone’s hearts.

Binnie’s stage presence is adorable, while Jiho’s is fierce.

It’s hard not to love this silly idol when she performs.
Jiho knows how to work the stage! She always looks fierce when performing the group’s songs.

Binnie’s fan service is sweet, while Jiho’s is very relaxed.

Binnie definitely knows how to treat fans with her cute and personal approach.
Jiho is always very relaxed at fan meets! She is definitely comfortable around fans.

They look completely different when wearing uniforms.

Binnie definitely looks innocent and youthful when she’s wearing a uniform.
Jiho makes a uniform look elegant and stylish when she wears one.

Despite their differences, Binnie and Jiho’s friendship is still precious.

It’s a best friend’s job to make the other laugh despite how fierce they may be.
Jiho and Binnie are both the same age and the closest members in OH MY GIRL.
Jiho and Binnie even show their love for one another on stage!

Jiho and Binnie are so adorable!