These Two Idols Broke The Fourth Wall And Blew Fans’ Minds With These Clever Lyrics

This is some next level writing!

Everyone loves some good wordplay in a song, but did you catch these two idols breaking the fourth wall with their lyrics?

Girls’ Generation in the music video for “I Got A Boy.”

In Girls’ Generation‘s 2013 single “I Got A Boy,” the track jumps from different speeds and different keys.

One of the most iconic moments is when Jessica pauses the track and says, “Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to 140.

Jessica giving her iconic line. 

The song then returns back to the beat it played at 1 minute and 40 seconds!

Not only that, but the tempo (speed) of that section is 140 beats per minute!

Classical musicians reacting to “I Got A Boy.” | reacttothek/YouTube 

It’s one of the most iconic moments in K-Pop history, and deservedly so!

Another SM Entertainment idol made an equally clever remark just last year.

Mark on set for the track video of “Misfit.”

NCT‘s Mark stunned fans with his verses in the NCT U song “Misfit!”

The 90s-rap–inspired track featured the group’s rappers relaying verses to show their skills.

NCT U on set for the track video of “Misfit.”

Mark, who is known for his flawless delivery and addicting lyrics, returned in the second half of the song with a second verse.

He starts off his verse with “It’s been a minute” — almost exactly a minute after he ended his first verse!

Fans were obsessed with the witty line, and it’s known as one of Mark’s most legendary verses.