These Two Idols Stopped Hyomin From Retiring When She Was Going Through Hard Times

Hyomin is lucky to have such great friends.

On the August 7th episode of Radio StarHyomin revealed two friends who supported her during hard times.

The host of the show broached the topic by asking Hyomin if it was true that she cut off all contact with those around her. The “hard times” the host was referring too occurred when there were rumours of internal conflict among T-ARA members.

Hyomin revealed that she felt like other groups avoided them during public appearances at this time. She said she felt sorry taking pictures with other idols because she didn’t want to cause them harm.

When asked about how she got through those tough times, she said it was due to two people who helped her.

There were my friends in Girl’s Generation who took care of me. My friends Sunny and Yuri who I appeared on Invincible Youth with. They’d bring me to spots where I’d be seen, support me more, invite me to their dorm and listen to my worries.

– Hyomin

Hyomin is so lucky to have such great and supportive friends.

Source: Naver