These Are The Two Most Important Things That Red Velvet’s Yeri Needs To Be Happy

The second one is so relatable!

In a recent interview with PIN Prestige magazine, Red Velvet‘s Yeri sat down to discuss different aspects of her career and of her personal life, including what her MBTI says about her, how she’s changed as a person—and what the two most important things in her life are that keep her balanced, healthy and happy.

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Yeri revealed that, as someone who is rather sensitive, she has had difficulty with the hectic lifestyle that idols lead. So much so that the constant travel has affected her health considerably in the past.

But there are two shining lights in Yeri’s life that help bring her a measure of peace and happiness, and that help her maintain her physical, as well as mental, health. The first thing that Yeri cannot do without is pilates, which she claims came as a surprise to her. The reason why it surprised her that pilates came to have such importance in her life is because she was never much of a fan of working out (which is only too relatable). She said, “I’m someone who dislikes exercise.”

Things changed, however, when she met her current pilates instructor, who noticed that Yeri was in a bad emotional condition at the time. It was a lot of work to push herself to do pilates every day, but Yeri pulled herself through.

After I met my pilates instructor, and with her guidance, [pilates] gradually became more enjoyable. She’s also like my mentor.

— Yeri

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Looking back, Yeri feels like it was a lot of work, though now she doesn’t know how she lived before committing to it—especially after realizing that she needs her body, her mind, and her emotions to be healthy for her to truly feel happy. Now, she says, pilates is the first thing she does every day to energize herself for her upcoming activities.

After doing pilates, my body and mind really became healthier. I start my day with exercise, then I work. Exercise gives me positive energy and has become my driving force for daily activities.

— Yeri

But, hilariously, she still admits that it’s occasionally a bother to exercise, which one can’t really blame her for.

Meanwhile, the other thing that Yeri feels is indispensable in her life is…her dog Totori! If she was surprised at how much pilates came to matter to her, then perhaps her love for her little Maltese dog surprised her even more, since she used to have a fear of dogs. Luckily, she was able to overcome this fear and now cherishes her little Totori with all her heart.

I naturally overcame this fear. I thought that I would be scared of dogs forever, but I developed a love for animals unknowingly, and naturally I’m not scared any more.

— Yeri

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In fact, Yeri says that she wants to “raise him to be an internationally renowned dog“— and we are here for it! Unfortunately, Totori lives with her parents, but Yeri says that she always wants to see him since she is happy whenever she is with him.

It’s nice to know that Yeri has found things that help her live a physically, emotionally and mentally healthy life. In fact, many people could probably take a page out of her book! Yeri says she feels like she has grown a lot as a person, and it’s nice to see that she continues to feel better as she grows.

Source: PIN Prestige

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