Two International BLINKS Visited Seoul…And Accidentally Met BLACKPINK In The Street

These BLINKs were vacationing in Korea when they happened to stumble upon BLACKPINK!

As part of filming carried out by SBS‘s Night of Real Entertainment, two international BLINKs got to meet BLACKPINK in Hongdae, Seoul!


The friends were vacationing in Korea and just heading out for a walk to see the BLACKPINK house when they were picked (out of thousands of eager fans!) to meet the girls.


Rosé translated for the international fans, who told the girls how much they loved them!


The two lucky BLINKs also visited the BLACKPINK house, and it looked like they had a great time!

“The house was amazing! The Staff were so amazing! My friends and I were so excited and extra inside and the staff were hyping us up.” — @Kp0pZ0ne


One of the lucky fans also shared pictures of BLACKPINK’s backyard.


She also posed in front of the entrance…


And amongst BLACKPINK interior!


Other I-BLINKs can’t believe how lucky they are and are super jealous!


BLACKPINK are always excited to meet their fans!