Two Korean YouTubers tricked people in Hongdae into believing they were idols

Korean YouTubers Seoulboyz decided to prank everyone in Hongdae by pretending to be celebrities.

They dressed up in designer clothes, arrived in a Maserati, and had cameras following them with security guards.

At first, they were worried that their prank would become an epic failure, and nobody would care.

To their surprise, the turn out was much better than they’d ever imagined, and people were actually falling for it!

Soon enough, “fans” started crowding around them and even asked them for photos, even though they didn’t know who they were.

When the camera man asked one “fan” who she thought they were, she simply replied:

“That person is this person.”

Seoulboyz continued to walk around Hongdae and take as many photos as they could with their “fans”.

In the end, approximately 10,000 people had gathered around them and followed them around the city.

Watch the full video here!