Two Koreans Go Viral For Snatching The Hardest Concert Tickets To Buy In Korea Right Now

Netizens want to know where this cafe is ASAP!

Lim Young Woong, a popular singer in Korea, recently opened tickets for his 2023 IM HERO tour and had fans in a frenzy as they tried to grab tickets.

With most of his fanbase in their 40s and up, most of the fans ask for help from their children when it comes to ticket sales. Buying tickets for his concert has become a huge event in Korea that even has the fans’ children anxious! It was such a big deal that “Mom I’m sorry” was trending in Korea as children of fans posted about failing to score tickets to the show.

“Mom I’m sorry…”

In particular, one touching story of a fan scoring tickets at a cafe gained much attention online.

The customer really wanted to go but didn’t know how to buy tickets and was nervous from 7 PM. I helped her and luckily succeeded in getting tickets, so we screamed together. By the way, Lim Young Woong, the fans really love you. Shouldn’t you have your next performance at the Honam Plains?

Netizens that saw the video were touched by the cute interaction between the two.

  • “Where is this cafe located? I want to go to this famous place to do ticketing.”
  • “My heart is happy watching this.”
  • “I’m happy watching this…I’m tearing up.”
  • “Why am I crying?”
  • “Wow she succeeded with her phone?”
  • “Where is the cafe? I need to go there.”
  • “Wow!”