These Two K-Pop Fandoms Are Now Friends Thanks To Their Idols

Now the two fandoms are friends.

These two fandoms are now friends thanks to interactions between their idols.

During Idol Sports Atheltic Competition, the boys of SEVENTEEN prepared hot dogs for their fans. CARATs (SEVENTEEN fandom name) were eating the hot dogs and couldn’t help notice IZ*ONE member Sakura glancing back at them. CARATs noticed she was hungry and gave her a bite of their hotdogs.

In the end, SEVENTEEN’s fan manager shared the hot dogs with the IZ*ONE girls.

Seungkwan also fed Yena some walnut pie while they met on a broadcast. He also offered some to Yujin.

Soon afterward, SEVENTEEN had their comeback. WIZ*ONE decided to repay the CARATs who took of their idols by feeding them by streaming their new song. They called it payment for the walnut pie and the hot dog.

When SEVENTEEN released their OST for A-TEEN, WIZ*ONEs posted screenshots of proof that they were streaming the song.

Was this song released today? I guess it’s time to pay them back for the hotdog.

Hopefully, WIZ*ONE and CARATs friendships blossom even more!