Here’s 2 Minutes Of BTS’s Jimin, Being The Cutest Softest Sloth You’ve Ever Seen

He’s so pink…!

In the latest Bangtan Bomb video upload, BTS‘s Jimin blessed ARMYs with two minutes of his face, zoomed close up and breathtaking as always. He was spotted chilling out on a couch, being all kinds of cute and soft but mystique and sexy too – making ARMYs unable to control themselves.


The first thing fans inevitably noticed was how angelic Jimin looked in his pink hair and grey contact lenses. These features only accentuated his translucently clear skin, making him look surreal and almost cartoon-y.


Jimin was heard humming “Boy With Luv” and fans went wild for the voice. Even though Jimin is only half-singing, his unique voice couldn’t help but mesmerize the fans. ARMYs are agreeing Jimin has one of the most distinguishable voices in the K-Pop scene!


Jimin was also captured pointing out his two-and-a-half pimples forming on his cheeks. He talked about the old Korean myth that suggested a pimple signifying a crush. If such is the case, his two-and-a-half pimples must mean he loves ARMYs two-and-a-half times deeper now!

Isn’t there a thing about pimples…? Like my dad used to ask me when I got pimples… If I like someone, or something. That’s it, right?

— Jimin


ARMYs now have this video on forever replay, because of the pink-haired, lazy Jimin, being the cutest sloth they’ve ever seen.

Ready to drop all your UWUs? Watch the full clip here: