TXT Advises You Whether Or Not To Confess To Your Crush

There’s signs you have to be on the lookout for.

TXT‘s Beomgyu, Soobin, and Taehyun held a special live broadcast titled “Ask Choi Choi Kang,” where they offered to help fans with some of the issues they were facing.


One fan had a relationship issue and didn’t hesitate to ask for their guidance. The MOA wasn’t sure if they should wait to receive a confession or take the reins and confess their feelings first.

After Taehyun read the question aloud, he and Beomgyu knew the person best suited to answer was leader Soobin. As the oldest among them, he would be the one with the most experience regarding the situation. So, Soobin explained the two options the fan could choose.

If they chose to be the first one to confess their feelings, they had to make sure the conditions were right. If they had the sense that the feelings of both people involved were mutual, then they should go ahead and proceed with their confession. On the other hand, there was another choice.

If there wasn’t a sense that both people shared the same feelings, it was better to avoid confessing altogether. Instead, Soobin recommended to let the feelings go and not engaging in a one-sided love.

When it comes to confessing, Soobin doesn’t want anyone to suffer from any unnecessary hurt. To keep that from happening, he’s come up with a simple way to figure out if you should go through with it. If you feel a connection with your crush, chances are high you’ll be successful. If not, you may want to stay away.


Concerning matters of the heart, though, sometimes it’s hard to decide what the right choice is. In the end, it’s truly up to you to figure out what’s best. Listen to TXT’s advice on the subject here.