TXT’s “Angel Or Devil” Pays Homage To BTS’s “Boy In Luv”

They’re making their hyungs proud.

For TXT‘s first comeback, they performed a few of their tracks from their album The Dream Chapter: MAGIC on their very own Welcome Back Show, including title track “9 And Three Quarters (Run Away)”.


Their performance of their new song “Angel Or Devil” was quick to capture fans’ attention for two things that seemed quite familiar to ARMYs, or maybe MOARMYs.

During one of Hueningkai‘s lines, he pulls out the signature shoulder move from BTS‘s “Boy In Luv”.

On top of that, they also incorporated the lyrics. Hueningkai sang the famous line, “Why are you shaking up my heart?” to go along with it.

TXT don’t hide the fact that they’re the biggest ARMYs; finding a way to put it on display in one of their songs shows just how much they admire their hyungs.

Watch Hueningkai refer to BTS’s iconic song in their recent stage here and check out the original.