TXT Were Asked About Girls And They Had A Meltdown Just Like The Young Boys They Are

Protect these babies.

In a brief interview with EXTRA before their Wango Tango stage and the unprofessional photographers incident, TXT discussed something that caught them completely off guard.

They were told they were heartthrobs, and Hueningkai couldn’t hide his giggling.

The rest of the members seemed confused by the term, so the interviewer explained that it meant they were popular among female fans. Beomgyu gave Yeonjun a confident pat on the back while Yeonjun said, “Really? Thank you.”

Then, they were asked if they fought over ladies. Hueningkai took over and diverted the question by cutely saying, “We’re attacking ladies hearts.”

Based on their young ages and idol life, they wouldn’t have the time or desire to think about pursuing romantic relationships or girls. And, their reactions said it all.