TXT And ATEEZ Interact For The First Time Since Debut And It’s Driving Everyone Wild

It’s exactly what fans had been waiting for.

Since many groups performed at KCON NY, friends from different ones were able to meet up like SEVENTEEN‘s Dino‘s mini reunion. This time, TXT and ATEEZ were able to reunite for the first time since both groups debuted.

In the past, Yeonjun had mentioned that he was friends with members from ATEEZ. But, he didn’t specify which members they were.

Now fans have finally found out their identities because he was seen with Yeosang and Wooyoung. And, it turns out that Yeonjun wasn’t the only member close to the group.

In the middle of everything that was happening on stage, fans captured a moment of Taehyun hugging Yeosang.

Fans of both groups had been waiting to see their interaction, and their wish was granted. Now, a collaboration between them would make fans even happier.