TXT Beomgyu’s Apology To Bang Si Hyuk For Accidentally Ruining Their Wall Is Too Funny

At that moment, Beomgyu knew exactly what went wrong.

For TXT‘s Beomgyu‘s recent live broadcast, he ended up splitting it into two parts. In the second half, he had an accidental mishap that had him giving an adorable apology straight to Big Hit Entertainment‘s CEO Bang Si Hyuk.

Rather than spiling tea about his trainee days or teasing MOAs about spoilers, Beomgyu decided to do something different. Instead, he turned it into a drawing session, preparing a clear piece of plastic to draw on.

After drawing the moon, stars, and what appeared to be a long road with one lone house, he added some more buildings for a complete look.

Ready to give everyone a closer look at how far his drawing had progressed, Beomgyu picked it up to show the fans what he’d created. The mishap wasn’t about the drawing itself; it was about putting the drawing back in place afterward.

Since he’d been holding the marker without its cap on, Beomgyu accidentally marked the wall with it as he’d placed the drawing back against the wall.

He instantly realized what’d done, exclaiming, “Oh!” He tried his best to wipe it away, scrubbing it with his hand. The thick black line wouldn’t budge.

Knowing there was no way to hide the only black spot on the massive white wall, he turned toward the camera and said, “Bang Si Hyuk PD-nim, I’m sorry.” Sporting the most adorable guilty face, he sucked in his lips as he turned back to his drawing.

Of all the walls in the building, Beomgyu accidentally marked up the one that features an iconic display of the company’s albums and makes appearances in many of BTS and TXT’s broadcasts and vlogs.

The situation had fans laughing at not only Beomgyu’s hilarious reaction but how childish the situation was, making them claim that’s the result of having kids in the building.

In the end, Bang Si Hyuk probably won’t even be mad about it. He may be laughing along with everyone else. After all, such a small spot could easily be covered, especially with all the money Big Hit Entertainment rakes in.

Watch Beomgyu accidentally marking up the wall and his hilarious reaction to it, beginning eight minutes in.