TXT’s Beomgyu Had The Best Reaction When Asked If He Was Wearing A Wig

He didn’t have to be asked twice to prove it ๐Ÿ˜‚

TXT‘s Beomgyu is always quick with funny comebacks and did so when a fan noticed his hair looked so nice that it appeared unreal.


Since the boys of TXT have worn a wig or two to hide their hair colors in the past, one fan was a bit cautious. During Beomgyu and Hueningkai‘s live broadcast, a MOA asked if Beomgyu was wearing one.

Instead of simply denying it, Beomgyu went a step further to prove his hair was indeed his own. Making Hueningkai laugh, Beomgyu used both hands to pull on his hair so strongly that it would’ve lifted right off if it were a wig.

Beomgyu even took it as a compliment for how healthy and “luscious” his long hair looked. The fan was on to something, though.

When Beomgyu put on a short wig during an episode ofย TO DO, it looked so natural that all the members kept forgetting it wasn’t real.

Beomgyu wearing a wig on “TO DO.”

Beomgyu wasn’t trying to fool anyone this time, though. He was proud to show off his long hair.

Source: Naver Live