TXT’s Beomgyu Read A Cheesy Pick-Up Line From A Fan, And Yeonjun Had The Best Reaction

It is definitely savage love!

When it comes to playful friendships between members, the relationship between the members of TXT can never be forgotten. With all the members being born between 1999 and 2002, they are definitely like brothers, and there are nothing siblings like more than playfully teasing each other.

The members of TXT

TXT recently appeared on 1theK Originals YouTube channel, where they sat down and had a look at different articles, videos, and comments about them on the internet.

During one of the segments, the members looked at comments under some of their performances since debuting. In particular, there was one where Beomgyu was looking extra fierce, and one user seemed enamored by his visuals, typing their best pick-up line.

Excuse me, Beomgyu. It may be a rude question, but did it hurt when you fell from heaven? It may be a sensitive question, but I’m asking because I’m too curious.

— YouTube user

After reading the comment, leader Soobin asked Beomgyu if it did hurt when he fell. As expected, Beomgyu had a witty answer that had MOAs laughing.

It’s been so long, so I can’t remember. I think it all heals. I’m fine.


If fans expected wittiness from Beomgyu, many were even less surprised when oldest member Yeonjun had the best comeback to his reaction. It was the perfect mixture of savage and love as he said, “When are you going back?”

After his comment, Beomgyu did his best sarcastic laugh, and they went on to the next question, as the members found it hilarious.

It isn’t the first time the two have teased each other, but whereas it is normally Beomgyu teasing his hyung, it seems as if the shoe was on the other foot, and Yeonjun took his opportunity.


Beomgyu impersonate yeonjun part lol #txt_bighit_official #txt #txtbeomyu

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Of course, this playfulness proves just how close the members are because they can have fun with each other and are always there to support and protect their members.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 1theK