TXT’s Beomgyu Got Ultra Competitive While Playing A Typing Game, And It Was The Cutest Thing Ever

We love when he lets his competitive side run wild!

TXT‘s Beomgyu is known for being competitive, and he proved just how competitive he can be during one of his live streams!

TXT’s Beomgyu | @beomgyupng/Twitter

While answering fan questions during a live stream, Beomgyu came across a question about his typing speed. He wasn’t sure of his exact typing speed, so he decided to check it during the broadcast.

After downloading a typing game, Beomgyu declared himself a genius and started typing to figure out his typing speed.

Beomgyu’s first round didn’t go as well as he’d hoped, and he stretched before typing the lyrics to South Korea’s national anthem. Before the second round began, he explained that his typing speed may appear slower than usual because he wasn’t using his own computer.

As he typed, Beomgyu sang along to TXT’s “Blue Hour” and promised to show fans just how great he was at typing.

As he got more into the game, Beomgyu fell silent and stared intensely at his screen as he typed.

Beomgyu earned a score of 430 in the game, and he got frustrated. Of course, he’s not one to give up, so he gave into his competitive side and kept playing!

Beomgyu typed so fast that his hands started to sweat, so he restarted his game and worked to beat his score.

His hard work paid off, and he increased his score to 480! His new score only fueled his competitive fire, however, and he decided to aim for a score of 500 in the next round. As he promised himself to do better, Beomgyu looked adorably excited.

Beomgyu started to get a little nervous while playing and he told himself to calm down. He asked himself, “This is nothing, you are not weak, are you?”

Beomgyu’s determination paid off once again when he earned a score of 553. Naturally, his impressive score made him want to do even better, and he asked MOAs if he should try to reach a score of 600 points.

MOAs agreed, and Beomgyu started the next round. Although he earned a score of 580, he had 100% accuracy in this round, and he was even more excited to try to get 600 points in the next round.

It was getting late, so Beomgyu said he would score 600 and then go to sleep.

Once again, Beomgyu tried to calm himself down, so he could focus on beating his new high score of 580.

Sadly, Beomgyu clicked out of the next round before seeing his score, so he had to try again to prove he could reach a score of 600.

After clicking out before seeing his score once again, Beomgyu was frustrated and said he would play one last round.

Beomgyu once again said he would play one last round after yelling in frustration after making a mistake. “I’m so mad,” he said.

Beomgyu’s frustrations only fueled his competitive side, and he started the next round with renewed determination.

Unfortunately, the computer started lagging and Beomgyu made a few typing errors, so he didn’t reach his goal. He once again promised he was going to play just one last round, even if he didn’t earn 600 points.

Ultimately, Beomgyu scored 594 points, but we think it’s close enough to 600 to say he succeeded!

Throughout his battle with the typing game, Beomgyu showed just how competitive he can be, even when he’s competing against himself!


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