TXT’s Beomgyu Details The Recording Curse He Can’t Escape From

It happens with every single album TXT records.

Everyone has their share of bad luck, some more than others. In TXT‘s Beomgyu‘s case, there’s a curse he runs into every time the group records for a major release like their latest mini-album minisode1: Blue Hour.

During his Weverse Magazine interview, Kim Ri Eun asked Beomgyu if he typically experiences any particular troubles when “recording or practicing choreography” for their comebacks. There was a curse that never failed to arise.

Whenever TXT prepared to record an important track, Beomgyu would suddenly become sick. “I have this curse where I always get a sore throat or a cold on the day before any major recording.” There was a twist.

Although Beomgyu takes care of his voice and doesn’t show any symptoms beforehand, the curse strikes right before their recording. “Before the recording, my voice is great, and I’m on key. But on the actual day, I get sick, and my voice starts to quit on me.

Like anyone would, Beomgyu often becomes upset by the turn of events. “It really bothers me when I can’t perform at my peak.

He revealed that it causes him to be more critical of himself, “I was really hard on myself when first learning the choreography for ‘Blue Hour’ too.”

Fortunately, Beomgyu has learned how to handle the curse and brush it off. “I tend to get angry at myself when I don’t perform well. But I got better at it, so I’m not worried.

Who would’ve thought that Beomgyu isn’t performing at his fullest in the recordings for TXT’s albums? If he sounds that good on a bad day, he’s truly talented.

Source: Weverse Magazine