“Emotionally Draining”— TXT’s Beomgyu Opens Up About The Hardest Parts Of Touring

He explained what he found draining.

TXT‘s Beomgyu recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine. He talked in detail about the second world tour of the group, ACT : SWEET MIRAGE.

At one point, the interviewer brought up the topic about learning to live with aspects of his job that he finds difficult: “It seems like you’re continuing to live the life of an artist as you overcome those things that you feel you just aren’t naturally compatible with.”

Beomgyu opened up about simultaneously loving performances while feeling drained at the same time.

I was absolutely born for the stage, though. No matter how nervous I get, I always have a phenomenal time once I get on up there.

— Beomgyu

What he finds most difficult when it comes to touring is moving from home bases so frequently. TXT visited various countries in Asia, North America, and Europe often within days of each other.

But what I found emotionally draining once we got on tour was that every place in the world has different views and I had to learn to adjust quickly to those. That was a difficult process.

— Beomgyu

Though it wasn’t obvious to MOAs, he also had a hard time communicating to them at times. He was under great pressure to be able to connect with fans at each stop despite his introverted nature.

Not to mention I became a lot more introverted after we debuted, so I found it really hard communicating with all those people while promoting internationally. The pressure from that kept weighing on me while we were touring.

— Beomgyu

At the end of the day, everything worked out. He learned to overcome various obstacles and now uses these experiences in his everyday life.

We did similar promotions recently and I went out of my way this time to go up to people more and reacted to things in over-the-top ways despite my terrible English. (laughs) But it was pretty good. I think I’ve learned some ways to overcome things.

— Beomgyu

Learn more about Beomgyu from his Weverse Magazine interview below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine