A Fan Asked TXT’s Beomgyu To Do A TikTok With ENHYPEN’s Heeseung But Got A Hilariously Unexpected Answer

The fan wanted to see the two besties but got something funnier.

After seeing TXT‘s Taehyun take on their “Good Boy Gone Bad” TikTok dance challenge with ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon, there was another duo fans wanted to see.

Since Beomgyu and Heeseung are best friends, a fan found their way to Weverse to make a request.


Posting on TXT’s Weverse, when Beomgyu was chatting with MOAs, a fan asked, “Beomgyu, can you do the ‘Gone Boy Gone Bad’ [dance] challenge with Heeseung?


Although it was something that many fans were hoping for, Beomgyu decided to be his witty self and gave an unexpected answer that didn’t accept or reject the request.

Completely avoiding answering the question altogether, Beomgyu made everyone laugh by correcting the fan’s mistake of misspelling their song name.

Good Boy…

— Beomgyu

Beomgyu’s response to a fan. | Weverse

Fans were so amused that they also poked fun at the mistake, relating to how someone could easily mishear lyrics in a song.

Until Heeseung and Beomgyu decide to dance together, it looks like fans will have to settle for their dance to “I Feel Good” by Pink Sweat$.

| @LeSseraPanda/Twitter