TXT Beomgyu’s Reply To A Fan’s Marriage Proposal Will Make You Jealous

One lucky MOA is living the Y/N life.

Whenever a fan asks their favorite idol to marry them, there never fails to be an amusing response, whether it’s an acceptance or rejection. TXT‘s Beomgyu didn’t disappoint with the way he responded to a fan’s proposal on Weverse.

One determined MOA took to Weverse with one goal in mind. Full of confidence, they weren’t taking no for an answer when seeking a particular husband, “Either marry me or marry me?

| TXT/Weverse

Although Beomgyu could’ve tapped into his mischievous side and came up with a hilarious response, he came up with one that had fans clutching their hearts.

Continuing the fan’s playful vibe, Beomgyu didn’t waste any time agreeing not once but twice: “Yes or yes?

| TXT/Weverse

Not only was the lucky MOA over the moon, but other fans were just as excited in wishing they were in their shoes. Who wouldn’t want to be married to Beomgyu?