TXT Beomgyu’s Hilarious Reactions While Working Out Are Super Relatable

He’s such a mood.

In episode 40 of TO DO, TOMORROW X TOGETHER participated in a home-training fitness project for MOA.


Soobin expressed that he and Beomgyu had their work cut out for them since they don’t regularly work out. And it was clear how much Beomgyu struggled and hated the workout from his many hilarious — and relatable — reactions.


The first activity was to pass a ping pong ball to each member while balancing and doing squats on a half gym ball. The exercise was by no means easy, but Beomgyu struggled the most with it and expressed his fiery frustration as he repeatedly fell off.

But the activity he had the most trouble with was yoga.

With promises from the staff that it would be a healing and relaxing time, Beomgyu quickly realized just how wrong they were as he and the members were put through multiple difficult positions.

His favorite time through the whole yoga experience was when they sat down, and when they lay down at the end.

In fact, he enjoyed that part so much that he straight up fell asleep. Big mood. MOA, you ready to follow their workout routine?