TXT’s Beomgyu Has A Hilarious Reason For Why He’ll Miss Soobin As An MC On “Music Bank”

“I’m really sad that Soobin hyung won’t be an MC anymore.”

TXT‘s Soobin and Oh My Girl‘s Arin (known as AKONG together) time as Music Bank‘s MC is coming to an end and many are sad to see the powerful duo go.

Not only are the fans sad about their departure but also Soobin’s very own members as well. One member who expressed his sadness is Beomgyu. During their recent live broadcast, many of the viewer’s comments were about Soobin’s exit on the show and how they will miss seeing him with Arin.

Beomgyu also expressed, “I’m really sad that Soobin hyung won’t be an MC anymore.” Soobin first questioned Beomgyu’s sadness and asked why. Hilariously, Beomgyu explained sadness over Soobin’s departure is mainly due to the fact the members get to rest at the dorms while Soobin is at work Music Bank.

It’s because when he went to ‘Music Bank,’ we didn’t have schedules on Friday and I could just sleep for long hours, but now…we’ll have early dance lessons again.

— Beomgyu

Soobin teasingly expressed how he would always be bothered by how the members got to rest while he went off to work.

It felt so unfair when I see them lazing around in the dorms while I have to go to Music Bank in the mornings.

— Soobin

While everyone is having a hard time with Soobin’s time as a Music Bank MC coming to an end, no one is sadder than Soobin himself.  During the live broadcast, Soobin mentioned how he did not realize his departure would be announced ahead of the date. When he first saw the article about his time ending on the show, Soobin was quite shocked.

I thought they would air my last broadcast of Music Bank without announcing that it was my last broadcast, and then release the articles the next day as a surprise. I wasn’t anticipating it, but (the articles) were released yesterday.

— Soobin

Beomgyu then confirmed Soobin’s sadness and shared that he found him in the corner with a sad expression after reading the article.

Soobin hyung was in the corner, so I was like ‘Hyung, what are you doing there?’ And he was like (showing a sad facial expression) ‘The article is released…’ so I was like ‘It’s okay hyung, I understand you’

— Beomgyu

Source: @translatingTXT/Twiiter and @translatingTXT/Twiiter