The Time TXT’s Beomgyu And Hueningkai Were Convinced Soobin Had Supernatural Water Powers

These two can always make MOAs laugh!

During a live broadcast, TXT‘s Beomgyu and Hueningkai hilariously came up with a theory that fellow member Soobin actually has supernatural powers once he enters the water.

After the two finished a round of arm wrestling, Beomgyu hilariously called out Soobin for being the  member with the weakest physical strength: “Soobin is weak.” To this, Hueningkai exploded with laughter.

Despite being named the weakest member, Beomgyu added that Soobin is the “strongest one when he’s in the water.” Beomgyu’s words must be true as Huneningkai gasped in agreement to his claim.

Beomgyu made the whole situation even funnier after he stated, “I guess he gets his power from the water. I bet he’s Squirtle.” Hueningkai was mind blown and responded with was totally astonishment, “Wow, really!“.

Following Beomgyu’s theory, Hueningkai backed him up and mentioned, “If he inside the water, he can fight and win all four of us at the same time.”

Beomgyu explained that Soobin in water is similar to the idea that “Before you die, you get supernatural strength.” He continued and shared, “You can use a few hundred times more strength than what you have. And Soobin can use that power.”

Beomgyu and Hueningkai then concluded that the only way to beat Soobin was with fire, electricity, or grass.

Source: Naver TV