Here’s What TXT’s Beomgyu And Hueningkai Hated Most About Having Long Hair

“I feel a little resentful.”

Since TXT‘s Beomgyu and Hueningkai have both grown their hair long at one point for the group’s promotions, they bonded over it and shared why it was such a difficult hairstyle to handle.


Once they both realized they’d had long hair for about half a year, they were ready to talk about how refreshing it was not to have it.

Hueningkai revealed how “inconvenient” it was for dancing, which Beomgyu immediately agreed with. Beomgyu also pointed out how “the back of your neck gets really hot.

That’s when Hueningkai explained how it could also be dangerous. He said, “And my bangs kept covering my eyes. It was so hard.

The one thing Beomgyu disliked most about having long hair was how it impacted his performance. Having experienced it too, Hueningkai could relate.

One of the things I felt most resentful about was that I’d put a lot of effort into my facial expressions, but when I monitored it, I couldn’t see my expressions because of my hair.

— Beomgyu

Beomgyu admitted that he felt a bit upset from working so hard on facial expressions that couldn’t always be seen from all the hair in the way. With his hair now cut shorter, he’s ready to show everything he has.

I think stuff like eyebrow movement makes a real difference when it comes to expressions. But I couldn’t see it. I feel a little resentful.

— Beomgyu

Who knew that Hueningkai and Beomgyu’s stunning long hair could be such hard work to handle? They pull it off so effortlessly, though.

Source: Naver Live