TXT’s Beomgyu Jumped At The Chance To Give Soobin A Flour Facial

“You did it intentionally.”

On the fifth episode of TXT‘s To Do X Tomorrow By Together, the group had all the fun while playing not only the Whisper Challenge but the popular one with flour.

Prepared with paper plates, their goal was to pass flour to each other until it reached the end. In four tries, it would weigh 94.3 grams. In the process of setting them up for success, Beomgyu also covered Soobin in a winter flour storm.

Since Beomgyu was at the front of the line, he was the one who first picked up the flour. To ensure they had more than enough to make it until the end of the line, he didn’t stop piling it onto his plate until he was satisfied it was enough.

He then walked over and poured all the flour from his plate onto Soobin’s. Even though most of it had landed where it was supposed to, Beomgyu couldn’t back away without making sure.

Bobbing his head, Beomgyu knocked off the rest from his plate. He was so eager with it that he showered a winter storm of flour upon Soobin. He blew it all over Soobin’s face and his shoulders as well.

As soon as Beomgyu backed away, he had a smile on his face. Feeling all the flour on him, Soobin couldn’t help but laugh just a little, sending flour flying. He dialed it back and instead passed what was on his plate to Yeonjun‘s. By then, Beomyu was cracking up.

When they’d finished the round, Beomgyu went straight for Soobin and rubbed it in his face—literally. He was only trying to help Soobin clean it off. Soobin wouldn’t be fooled by the kind act afterward, saying, “You did it intentionally.”

Whether or not Beomgyu did it on purpose, it was hilarious for everyone to see. See Soobin covered all in flour thanks to him, starting from 25:24.