The Male Idol Who Sent TXT’s Beomgyu 1 Million Won Just Because He Asked

Beomgyu didn’t think he would actually send it.

TXT tested their friendships by competing to get a friend to say, “I love you,” or successfully borrow 1 million KRW ($766 USD).

One male idol surpassed their expectations by not hesitating to send Beomgyu the large amount of money.


While Taehyun and Hueningkai called each other because they didn’t have any close idol friends they could call, Beomyu was busy texting the two idols who would help him complete the mission.

Beomgyu called YOUNITE‘s Eunho, who said, “I love you,” and agreed to let him borrow the money. However, Beomgyu’s other friend took it a step further.

After TXT finished filming the segment, Beomgyu checked his phone and was shocked to receive the money from his best friend, JUST B‘s Lim Jimin. Naturally, fans wanted to know Lim Jimin’s side of the story.

During a JUST B live broadcast, Lim Jimin explained that Beomgyu was one of his close friends he trusted completely.

I sent it because he’s my best friend, and I trust him. The friends I have are really close to me, so he’s a friend I really trust. That’s why I sent it.

—Lim Jimin

The best friends prove that money doesn’t mean a thing compared to their strong friendship.

Lim Jimin | Weverse

Just look at Beomgyu and Lim Jimin being supportive besties.

Source: YouTube


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