TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals That He Held A Mini-Concert While Recording “The Chaos Chapter : FREEZE”

Can we have an invitation to the next one?

The members of TXT recently sat down on their YouTube channel and reviewed their latest album, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE. In the video, the group looked at the tracks on the album and discussed their meanings.

When it was time to discuss the track “What If I Had Been That Puma,” Taehyun explained the story behind the song and how it links to “PUMA.”

Soobin then asked if there were any interesting behind-the-scenes stories from the song’s recording, and Beomgyu instantly remembered one.

While in the recording booth, Beomgyu started imitating a well-known meme from idol Kwanghee when he covered Davici‘s “Don’t Say Goodbye.” He explained how he held a mini-concert in the recording booth singing a lot of different songs when Hueningkai walked in on him.

Hueningkai then recalled the reaction of everyone who was in the room, and it seemed like Beomgyu wasn’t the only one having fun.

He was singing, and the producers were dancing in the room, saying, ‘It’s a party!’

— Hueningkai

After Beomgyu’s rendition of the track, the producers seemed to love it so much that he actually received song requests from them and continued his solo concert.

It seems like every day is a party with TXT, and no doubt the producers were over the moon to be treated to a private concert during work!

You can watch the whole video below.