TXT’s Beomgyu Once Named The Person Who Heavily Influenced His Decision To Become An Idol

Here are the words that convinced him.

Family can play a huge role in a person’s decision to pursue a career. For TXT‘s Beomgyu, the person that influenced his decision to become an idol is none other than his own father!

TXT’s Beomgyu

In a past interview with Weverse Magazine, Beomgyu brought up his dad when he shared a story about listening to music together in the car. The story gave Weverse Magazine the impression that he was the one who influenced Beomgyu’s music tastes.

It seems fair to say you’ve been heavily influenced by your father’s tastes.

— Weverse Magazine

Agreeing, Beomgyu further explained that he was the reason why he started playing the guitar and listening to rock and pop music.

The reason I’m playing the guitar and listening to all the rock and pop music I listen to now is all because of my father.

— Beomgyu

When Beomgyu was told that he could stand in the spotlight, he decided to pursue a career in the idol industry.

He’s also the reason I became an idol. He told me to become someone who can stand in the spotlight.

— Beomgyu

His dad was right—Beomgyu shines brightest when he’s on stage! Everyone needs someone as supportive as him in their lives.

Source: Weverse Magazine